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Welcome to the first GraphQL Texas meetup.

We have some exciting topics to share with all of you, including how to leverage GraphQL to read data from Content Management Systems, how to build real-time video applications with GraphQL and AWS Amplify, and how to leverage GraphQL code generation tools to increase your developer experience and reduce your runtime defect rates.

After each talk, we will have a 10 minute window for Trivia Time, where attendees can win swag and exciting prizes while also interacting with our speakers in a short Q&A session.

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12:00 pm


12:15 pm

Carlos Rufo's talk

12:45 pm

Trivia time!

12:55 pm

Nader Dabit's talk

01:40 pm

Trivia time!

01:50 pm

Gabo Esquivel's talk

02:20 pm

Trivia time!

02:30 pm